Spring is in the Air! Time for Pizza!

As the weather starts to get nicer, it’s time to be outside making pizza. Though I’ve cooked pizza in a snowstorm, and cooked pizza in the driving rain, it’s so much nicer to be outside tossing pizza when the sun is shining.

Second Year = Busier Schedule

Last year was our first, and it went amazingly well. Having a mobile restaurant (without a food truck) is really a different way to cook, but there is nothing better than having friends (both old and new) and family come into our “kitchen” and share Old-World-style pizza.

This year, we are already booked for 38 events, but there is still room for yours. Weddings, reunions, football tailgating, corporate parties, family gatherings, and more.

And we’ve got some new pizzas for you to try along with our classic pizzas you’ve come to know and love.

So, bring on the fire! Bring on the food! Bring on the fun!


5 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air! Time for Pizza!

  1. Can’t wait to hear about the first pizza’s cooked in your new oven…….makes my mouth water thinking about it. I LOVE PIZZA TOO!!

  2. Was at Clayton’s party last night debuting his oven and his Pizza. AMAZING! I have never felt this way about Pizza, and I’ve loved pizza all my life! From his Thai pizza with the wonderful peanut foundation, to the 4 cheese pesto pizza to his wonderful dessert pizzas, I was overwhelmed. The smell itself was nourishing. The crust was absolutely the best I’ve ever eaten. I found the whole experience intoxicating and transcendent. Go, Clayton, you and Kim take it to the world!

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